Reducing payment risk

Reducing payment risk

Security and fraud protection are at our core. Crezco doesn’t touch your money, we don’t see your passwords, and we don’t ask for card details. What we do is securely let one bank know where to send funds if approved, assuring funds never get lost due to typing errors or incorrect payment details.



Crezco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution. Our reference number is 925173.

No credit card data required

Credit-card data, even when encrypted, remains vulnerable to hackers. Crezco initiates direct bank transfer, which are faster and cheaper but also safer as there is no need for your customers to share credit-card or account data preventing phishing and identity attacks.

Security systems

All software follows industry-standard best practices and strictly follows guidance released by the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) and the European Banking Authority (‘EBA’) concerning Payment Service Providers (‘PSP’). By incorporating such guidance, Crezco is compliant with all information security requirements under the Second Payment Services Directive (also known as ‘PSD2’).

Data encryption

Crezco does not store sensitive payment data, but we treat all data collected with equal reverence. Any data collected is encrypted and stored within the European Economic Area. We do not sell data to third-parties and remain GDPR compliant.


We monitor transactions 24/7 to identify suspicious activity

Crezco protects you and your customers against invoice fraud, chargebacks, reversals and unnecessary fees.


Customers and payments are authenticated in real-time

Crezco uses Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), complying with all PSD2 security requirements and serving over 2,500 banks.


Crezco regularly runs penetration and security tests on our systems

Furthermore, we employ third-party code reviews and independent auditors to examine our Information Security program.

Open Banking

Open Banking lets regulated third-parties access your account information with permission. Consequently, Crezco can initiatiate account-to-account payments, if approved by the account holder, without ever holding your money. This is a signficantly cleaner, cheaper, faster and safer way to make payments.


With Open Banking you are never asked to share your bank passwords or login details with any other party than your bank.

Just as customers do not have to share their 16-digit card numbers, the less sensitive information you share, the more secure it stays.

Security support

If you have any security related questions or concerns, please contact