Endurance Equities

Who We Are

Endurance Equities is a closely held group of companies focusing on commercial property development and long term ownership of first class commercial real estate. The company was founded by Pat Lipton who has over 40 years of experience in leasing and development of commercial real estate.

The company specializes in creating value and innovation for its commercial tenants. This is achieved by securing prime locations, developing and reinvesting in quality commercial properties, and conducting efficient operations. The success of Endurance Equities is integrally tied to the success of its tenants.

Endurance Equities’ assets are managed in-house by our dedicated team of real estate specialists.


Pat Lipton


Satt Stokes, Endurance Equities

Matt Stokes


Tracey Forde Endurance Equities

Tracey Forde


A leader in commercial real estate development in Canada.